Tips for Praying the Rosary More

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Want to pray the rosary more?! In an ideal world, we’d all have endless, undistracted mornings with which to pray all the prayers, but trust us, we KNOW life is not like that for most (if it is for you, God Bless, & please pray for the rest of us). But the idea of daily (or just more frequent) rosaries doesn’t have to be daunting. Check out these helpful tips...

1. Find a Pray-Along: Have you ever noticed yourself getting distracted when praying longer prayers like the rosary? Then once distracted it seems to take FOREVER to actually get through the whole thing... which can then make it hard to motivate yourself to pray it when you have to dedicate such a LARGE chunk of time for your wandering mind... wellll, a solution to this is finding someone to pray w/, OR (thanks COVID), find a rosary Pray-Along video! This way, if the kids are running around the house like maniacs interrupting with “mom mom mom” or you just can’t seem to keep your mind from straying to your to-do list, you have the pray-along video to keep you on track! With this approach, you don’t even have to have the prayers memorized, AND you don’t even need an actual rosary to mark which Hail Mary you’re on, so you can do it wherever & even whilst diapering a wiggly toddler. Need a good pray-along resource? Check out @manyhailmarysatatime on Instagram for daily live rosaries or The God Minute YouTube page for one we’ve put together for you!

2. Dedicate your time: Do you find yourself avoiding the rosary because you feel guilty for forgetting to meditate on the mysteries or forgetting to think of intentions each bead, or even for having just said a whole decade without even realizing you were doing it? Drop the guilt! Yes, it still “counts”! A neat approach to combat this is setting an intention for the TIME you’ll spend praying. ie: “God, no matter where my mind wanders, I’d like to offer these next 20 mins of prayer for (insert intention)”; just as you’d set an intention for anything else you spend time doing.

3. Spread it out: Don’t have a 20 min chunk of time to pray the whole rosary? Don’t let that keep you from it! Just say a decade at a time throughout the day.

We originally shared these tips on our Facebook page and Instagram page and received some great tips from our community members as well. Here are some of them...

-pray in the car on your drive with an app, or video audio, or podcast

-ask Alexa to “pray the Catholic rosary”

-each time you begin a Hail Mary, visualize laying down a rose at our Blessed Mother’s feet

-start a virtual rosary group and pray together on Zoom