The Best Advent - Week 4

Here at The God Minute, we have put together a four week Plan of Spiritual Growth in preparation for Christmas, and we hope you will follow along with us. Each week will begin on the corresponding Sunday of Advent and continue through the following Saturday. So on the Fourth Sunday of Advent, December 19, we are focusing on "Planting the Seed."

Week 4 | Plant the Seed

So close to Christmas! So busy! So this week we're going to do just one thing - an act of kindness, of charity on behalf of someone poor or broken. You decide. Something that will take some effort and deliberation. We're going to plant the Christmas spirit into the heart of another - just as Jesus did.

  • Consult with your local parish

  • Call the local SVDP Society

  • Do a Google search for a Food Bank or Homeless Shelter. Call them and ask for ideas.

  • Catholic Charities