The Best Advent - Week 3

Here at The God Minute, we have put together a four week Plan of Spiritual Growth in preparation for Christmas, and we hope you will follow along with us. Each week will begin on the corresponding Sunday of Advent and continue through the following Saturday. So on the Third Sunday of Advent, December 12, we are focusing on "Fertilizing the Ground."

Week 3 | Fertilize the Ground

Fertilizer makes everything brighter and more "alive" in the garden. This week is about spreading the love to others. Specifically, those who are close to you.

Each day this week you are going to send a physical note of gratitude and kindness to someone who blesses your life. Simply to say thank you. Not a text, not an email. A physical card mailed to the person with a stamp! 6 different people, one each day.

Something so simple that can spread such joy!