24 Reasons to Add The God Minute to Your Daily Prayer

  1. It can be accessed from anywhere at any time (with that device in your hand or pocket!)

  2. It’s only 10 minutes - a few moments with God but not too long to get distracted

  3. It includes Scripture so you can know the Word of God more deeply

  4. It brings positivity to your day as an oasis of what is good, true, and beautiful

  5. It uses modern interpretations of the Psalms to relate Scripture to contemporary issues

  6. It unites you in prayer with thousands of other people around the world

  7. It helps to strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ

  8. It tackles the trials of the current moment and helps you reflect on your response to them

  9. It invites you to enter into the life of the Church by incorporating aspects of Liturgy of the Hours

  10. It utilizes a variety of speakers to challenge your perspective and give you new ways to think about or interpret aspects of your faith

  11. It can be shared with family and friends so that you all have something positive to discuss at the dinner table or at gatherings

  12. It centers your drive, coffee time, run, etc., on God and encourages you to use that time for prayer

  13. It incorporates sacred music that you might not be exposed to otherwise

  14. It is a conduit of healing in times of hardship or grief

  15. It encourages you to pray by listening rather than talking

  16. It offers moments of silence so you can just be in the presence of God and breathe

  17. It spiritually connects you with others, God, and the Church, especially during times of physical separation

  18. It empowers you to make prayer a regular part of your busy schedule

  19. It is a tool that can be shared with others to help bring them to Jesus (evangelization made easy!)

  20. It offers reflections that encourage you to ask hard questions of yourself to grow in your faith

  21. It offers a social media community of like-minded listeners, providing positive content to fill your feed and a place of support

  22. It lifts up your day and brings an unexpected smile or laugh when the reflections include the occasional joke

  23. It motivates you to show God’s love in your daily interactions

  24. It invites you to “Pray Beautiful.”

These are just a few of the reasons to add The God Minute to your daily prayer! Why do you listen to The God Minute? Share your reason(s) on social media and with your friends and family -- help us share the good news!