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Mary Crowning

Updated: Mar 23

Did you know that May is the month of Mary? Traditionally the beginning of the month has been used to kick off the Marian month and celebrate the Blessed Mother in a big way. Parishes and families would join together in procession and pray the rosary or other Marian devotions and end by “crowning” a statue or photo of our Blessed Mother with flowers. Since we can’t all be together for a Marian procession as a God Minute community, we invite you to crown a Mary statue or photo in your own home or yard. This can be as simple as a few picked flowers at the feet of your garden statue or as fancy as decorating a home altar around a photo of our Blessed Mother- whatever you want to make of it.

Here is a PDF of the prayers that can be said before and after your home crowning.

For some additional Marian based devotions and resources to check out this month, visit these links!


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