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What is the
May Crowning?

The month of May is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Catholic Church because in many parts of the world it is Springtime—a season of new life and growth. Just as Mary gave new life to Jesus Christ and cared for his growth, May with its budding flowers and blossoming trees, is filled with beauty and purity.


One of the most beautiful traditions of honoring Mary is that of the May Crowning.


The May Crowing originated in Germany in the 17th century as a way for Catholics to express their love and devotion to the Blessed Mother and teach their children about Mary’s role in the faith. The May Crowning typically takes place the first Saturday of May and involves a procession of flowers to a favorite statue or image of Mary, followed by a short prayer and then the crowning of Mary with the wreath of flowers.


Following our annual tradition at The God Minute, we invite you to join us in crowning your Mary and sending us a picture. Your crowning can be as simple as picking a few flowers to place at the feet of your garden statue or as fancy as decorating a home altar around a photo or statue that you have of our Blessed Mother. Whatever you want to do to make it your own. The prayers to use can be found by clicking the link below.


We invite you to take a picture and send it to us using the form below. Lauren is going to assemble all of your Mary Crowning photos into a beautiful video collage that we will use as the background for our special Rosary we will pray together on May 11th. It's going to be beautiful!

Click the link below to download the two short prayers that
accompany the crowning of your Blessed Mother statue/image.

Get the Prayers

Send us your crowning picture

After crowning your statue/image of the Blessed Mother, please take a picture and upload it to us HERE by the end of the day on May 5th, 2024. Lauren will compile them into a montage that will play during a Pray-Along Rosary on May 11th.

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