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LENT 2022

March 2 - April 14, 2022

Come join us for two opportunities of spiritual growth this Lenten season...


Each week of Lent we will read a book proven to be popular and meaningful to the Catholic spiritual life. One of the team members will introduce it with a video on Sunday, along with some questions to think about as you begin reading.

Then we have the week to post comments, ask questions, share thoughts, etc on our Facebook Book Club page. 

We apologize for those without Facebook.

Sadly, it is our only choice

thanks to its monopoly.

Lent comes from God to awaken us,

to shake us from our  complacency.

Pope Francis


Every weekday in Lent Fr. Ron or Fr. Michael will share a short video (90 seconds) of spiritual reflection on a random word.
Like a shot of espresso, it's meant to be short and quick and give you a spiritual jolt to energize your day.

Access videos on our App (menu is "The Word"),
or our YouTube, FB, Twitter and TikTok accounts



We tweaked our daily prayer a bit to make it more reflective and inviting for Lent:

  • less talk, more music

  • opening quote

  • daily intercession

  • common Lenten Prayer

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