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Every year during the 1st week of Advent we ask you, The God Minute listeners, to become our angels of support and help us by your financial donation. We can't do this without your help. I promise you every dollar will go to building up and expanding our prayer to the glory of God. Thank you so much for your kindness and consideration. Truly. To the name of Jesus be praised!

May God bless and reward your generosity.

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2. One-time gift.

Your generosity goes to the immediate needs that make what we do possible. From website hosting to our app upkeep and software that is used to record and upload our prayer each day. We are truly grateful. Larger contributions receive a tax deduction letter and special gift.

Every day at Mass we pray for all our donors.

Our Choir of Angels

 These are our most passionate group of donors. Your consistent financial support results in a more effective use of your contribution and helps us plan more
creatively into the long term.

As a recurring donor you can easily manage your donation,
make changes or cancel anytime. All online.

No mailing lists or spam, ever. 
Our pledge to you.

  • How do I manage my monthly/annual donation (change, cancel, etc)?"
    When you make the donation you will receive a receipt via email and a link to easily manage your payment. Or you can reach out to us anytime and we will send you the link.
  • I'd like to use my fidelity charity account and need your 503 Tax Number to do so.
    Of course! The official paperwork is under our official title (under which The God Minute is a part). When making the donation simply indictate its purpose -- the God Minute-- and the funds will be directed to our ministry. OFFICIAL INFORMATION FOR TAX PURPOSES: CONGREGATION OF THE MISSION WESTERN PROVINCE 13663 Rider Trail N Earth City, MO 63045 314-344-1184 TAX ID: 43-6029948
  • Will I be put on a mailing list or receive any other solicitation?
    NO! We do not sell, share, scatter, distribute or anything else your information. It goes to us at The God Minute and stays with us. Period.
  • I want to give in another way that is not listed here. How?
    Please give us a call/text or send us an email. We are happy to discuss this further! Fr. Ron, TGM Director If you would like to mail your donation, you can also do that using the details below. Payable to: The God Minute Send to: Fr. Ron Hoye 13245 Tesson Ferry Rd St. Louis, MO 63128
  • How do I get a tax letter from you acknowledging my donation?
    We always send a tax letter to donations that are $200 or above (unless instructed not to). We are happy to do so with other amounts as well, just let us know. p.s. for those who donate via Venmo or Zelle- we are not privy to your contact information (other than name). So please be sure and give us your address if you would like a tax letter (or a thank you for that matter!).
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