Normally we associate fasting in Lent with food. Our fast will be TIME.

FAST from some of the time we spend on ourselves for the sake of another. We have only to look at the life of Jesus and how he spent his time to realize that maybe we need to tweak how we spend ours!


So every week in LENT we commit ourselves to one act of charity or kindness that will benefit someone beside ourselves. Give up the time at your weekly coffee get-together and spend it volunteering at your church or local soup kitchen. The time it takes to watch your favorite TV show every Monday-- donate to writing a few "Thinking of You" notes and mail them to people you know who might really need a boost.


It doesn't matter what kind act you choose but we ask that it reflect The Word for that week. So if The Word happens to be forgiveness, then your act of kindness might be reconciling with an estranged friend.... or cooking a nice meal for your spouse that you've been short with lately. Something concrete and tangible.