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July 2024

July’s Book Club Pick is like none other we have read so far.

This remarkable work delves into the deeply human and spiritual journey of facing mortality, exploring the experiences of monks who have dedicated their lives to God and are now preparing for their final passage into eternal life.

Join us this July in community and share your own reflections of this text!

Description: Behind monastery walls, men of God spend their lives preparing for the passage of death. Best-selling French author Nicolas Diat set out to find what their deaths can reveal about the greatest mystery faced by everyone—the end of life.

How to die? How to respond to our fear of death? To answer these and other questions, Diat travelled to eight European monasteries including Solesmes Abbey and the Grande Chartreuse. Through extraordinary interviews with monks, he learned that their death experiences are varied and unique, with elements of peace, pain, humility, sorrow, and joy.

These monks have the same fears, torments, and sorrows as everyone else, Diat discovered. What is exemplary about them is their humility and simplicity. When death approaches, and its hand reveals its strength, they are like happy and naïve children who wait with impatience to open a gift. They have complete confidence in the mercy of God.

June 2024

In June we will read Prayer for Beginners by Peter Kreeft, a wonderful resource for deepening prayer life and strengthening a relationship with God. In this book, Kreeft offers practical guidance and insights on how to develop a meaningful and transformative prayer practice, regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey.⁠

Prayer for Beginners is an awesome companion for anyone seeking to deepen their prayer life and grow closer to God. Whether you are new to prayer or have been praying for years, this book offers valuable wisdom and practical advice that will enrich your spiritual life and help you experience the power of prayer in a new way.⁠

Join us in reading Prayer for Beginners and share your thoughts right here in our Facebook group!

TGM Book Club June 2024
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