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Our Almsgiving Charity #2

Having met our first Alms goal of purchasing a vehicle for our Vincentian seminarians in Kenya.... we're now going local.

Meet Fr. Kevin Fausz, C.M., a classmate of Fr. Ron's who is pastor of an African American church in San Antonio, TX (USA). They have a soup kitchen where they feed the poor and homeless that is dire need of equipment and renovation.

That's where we come in!

Our alms for remainder of Lent will go to Fr. Kevin and his ministry to the poor.

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Give a donation through credit card or check or money apps (venmo, paypal) and help us help the poor.

For a one-time or occasional donation to help a worthy cause.




Share your blessings through the 40 days with Venmo, PayPal and Text-to-Give.

One blessing at a time.

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