"During Lent, we are asked to focus more intently on 'almsgiving,' which means donating money or goods to the poor and performing other acts of charity.  As one of the three pillars of Lenten it is 'a work of justice pleasing to God.'"


 Catechism of the Catholic

Church, no. 2462

Our Lenten Almsgiving Project


The greatest force to move people out of poverty is education. Our Vincentian priests in Indangalasia, Kenya are hoping to construct a "school" for the children of the parish. The hope is a simple two-room classroom that will serve 100 children. They have nothing now (except lots and lots of children). They need desks, playground equipment, books, pens and paper, chalkboard, etc.

Our God Minute Almsgiving Project 2021? Build one of these classrooms!

Total Cost: $11,500 USD

Images from "schools" that were built in previous years...


Each week you pick something(s) that blesses your life; something you enjoy and donate that amount to our Alms For the Poor pledge. It might be that Grande Mocha from Starbucks, or the bottle of nice wine for dinner. How about that monthly subsciption to Netflix or your salon appointment?

Not giving these things up.

Just recognizing their blessing, and passing it on as blessing to another.


Here's the fun part.

See the Gift

Share the Gift


Open your eyes to the treasure of blessing in your life. The good things you enjoy, given to you, just because.

Especially the small things.


Well, not the gift- but the cost of it. The nice dinner, the starbucks mocha, the bottle of wine, the tin of mints, the manicure, the new pair of shoes, the candy bar.

Whatever the thing you're enjoying at the moment, share the love with someone who never will. Put a smile on the face of 5 year old who will soon have pencils and a school uniform!

We hope you might use one of the various money apps (below) to share the gift. The key is to do it while you're in the moment: while you're sipping the mocha or while you're trying on the shoes. So before you're done enjoying--it's already become a blessing to someone else. You see it as a gift and right there you share it as a gift! And see how much better that mocha tastes!


We're hoping you might consider using one of these money apps for your almsgiving (for reasons noted above). It's quick, safe and right here, right now. You link it to your credit card or bank account. Then anytime you want to share the gift, whether at Starbucks, grocery store, or taking a walk...

Simply put in our phone number, the amount of the Alms,

and click Send. Done. Every cent of it goes to our Classrooms

for Children Almsgiving Drive.

Venmo App

Cash App

Send by using our name (thegodminute). You will see our logo. If asked for additional code you can "Send without".
It definitely comes to us.
Send by using our name or phone number.