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Help us reach our Alms Goal this year by a thoughtful donation.

Credit Card, Check, Apps


Almsharing is passing your blessings on to those who are less fortunate. You decide a dollar amount (your alm "coin") that will represent the blessings in your life (say, $5). Then, whenever you encounter one of those blessings.... you send the coin to our Lenten Alms Charity. You PAY it FORWARD!

Our new TEXT-TO-GIVE feature makes it so easy and quick. And kinda fun! Or setup your Venmo, Cash or PayPal app. Then, whenever you are enjoying that wonderful double tall mocha frap at Starbucks... pass the enjoyment on! Take out your phone and text (or venmo..) your ALMS COIN. Done.

Your blessing just became someone else's.

Here's How...

Use your money apps or our new TEXT-To-GIVE feature.



Our handle:




Our handle:


Text to Give

Watch the 90 second video HOW TO

After a quick initial setup with your credit card and the dollar amount for your "Alm Coin" you are set. Every time you want to PASS ON that coin to our Lenten Charity you simply tap the 801801 text in your list and send the word, "yes". Here's how....


Type the word below and send...


Address a new text TO:


Tap the link that comes back...



Set up your payment via credit card

You choose the dollar amount of your ALM COIN blessing. This is the coin you will send throughout Lent to our charity when you experience a blessing in your life (if you decide to change the amount later on you will have to re-enter your credit card info).



Fill out the information.

Please make sure the "Create my account..." box is checked so you can quickly pass on the blessing without having to enter your info again!

You will see a Thank You message appear after sending.



Go back to your 801-801 text.
You will receive a confirmation text shortly. Do not delete it! Keep this 801801 text in your list.


Then, throughout Lent, every time you want to pass a blessing....choose this same 801801 text and type the word "YES" to send your alms coin again. It will ask you to confirm it...and in a few seconds you just passed another blessing...

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