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Advent Week 4

The fourth candle of Advent represents Love, the ultimate love of God that He might send His only Son for us. Called the “Angel’s Candle,” the fourth candle of Advent is lit the Sunday before Christmas, and it is the color purple, leading us to eagerly await the new Kingdom of God on earth.

Purple Background

The Manger

Our Image this week...

Welcome Screen.jpg

No explanation necessary.

Can there be any other image that so fully expresses the meaning of LOVE? To give of Oneself completely for the sake of another(s)? Something we will revisit during Holy Week.

But for now, on Christmas Eve, we celebrate and give thanks for the birth of our salvation, of LIGHT in the midst of darkness.


“And in the end, everything else will turn out to be unimportant and inessential, except for this:

Father, Child, and Love.”

           - Pope St. John Paul II

wreath4 Large.jpeg

Suggestions for Prayer

Offerings will change each week of Advent

Night Prayer

Each week a night prayer will be offered as you go to bed. It will change each week and reflect the theme for the week.

Night Prayer 2.jpeg


A full rosary (25 minutes) prayed by the team before the Blessed Sacrament. Come join us as we welcome our newborn King!

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Minute with Mary

Each Thursday and Saturday a one minute video reflection on Mary offered by Fr. Carl Pieber, C.M.

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