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Leaf Pattern Design

Advent Week 1

The first candle of the Advent Wreath symbolizes a shining light in anticipation of the coming of Jesus and is called "The Prophecy Candle." The color is purple representing prayer & repentance.

HOPE is the theme recalling the promises of Isaiah fortelling the birth of Christ and all of the promises God gave us in the Old Testament that would be fulfilled at Christmas.

Watch the 5 min Week One Overview
Purple Background

The Butterfly

Our Image this week...

The caterpillar crawls about eating its way through leaves, gaining strength for the ultimate sacrifice in a few weeks time. One day it then attaches itself to the underside of a plant, cocoons itself away from distractions and then, over the course of weeks, its cells turn off, one-by-one, letting go of its old self in the hope that something more beautiful will emerge. The larva slowly dissolves, new cells turn on and begin to build a new creation unlike anything it could imagine. Legs are formed… antennae emerge along with two spacious wings that slowly unfold, breaking free of the chrysalis and opening up to reveal vivid colors of golds and reds, oranges and blues! And then….it soars! Leaving its old self behind it lifts heavenward, free from the burdens of what held it down, it rises into a new world of freedom and possibility.


St. Paul says in Ephesians, “Put off your old selves and be made new in the righteousness and holiness of God.”


“What do I need to die to in my life- in my attitudes, choices and behaviors- in order for the new life of Christ to emerge? What am I holding on to? What am I afraid to let go of?

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Suggestions for Prayer

Offerings will change each week of Advent

Night Prayer

Each week a night prayer will be offered as you go to bed. It will change each week and reflect the theme for the week.

Night Prayer.jpg

Minute with Mary


Each week we will offer a decade of the rosary for you to pray on the Road to Bethlehem. The Mysteries will reflect the THEME each week.

This week we pray our first decade on HOPE, with the Butterfly as our guide.

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Each Thursday and Saturday a one minute video reflection on Mary offered by Fr. Carl Pieber, C.M.

Watch a 5 minute animated video from "The Bible Project" about what we HOPE for as Christians...
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